• Új Mikrokomp Bt.
    In cooperation with Új Mikrokomp Bt. we solved the control of the inside fuel-well of RAPIDSED (French-Hungarian transporter company) with proximity technology. The card identifies the driver and the car by refuelling. The facts of refuelling are memorized, thread-mark – date – quantity can be asked on the computer of finance group.
    Our company delivered TIRIS proximity readers, cards and USB/RS485 converters for access control system.
  • T-SZER Bt. :
    ACP-100 single door controllers with cards
  • The identify of long-distance motorcar by BUDA CENTER Office-block
    In cooperation with Security Automatika Kft. we located an access control system. Our company delivered long-range UPR110 readers and transmitters to make access the parking cars.
  • TYCO Electronics Hungary Kft.
    For this company’s production-control system we developed and produced proximity readers with USB connection to industrial PCs. The workers identify themselves with the cards by the work processes.

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