Press-machine controller    
  Our company developed hardware devices to an individual developed press-machine of the Danish GrundFos to the factory in Tatabánya. By the Fiers Informatika created software controls the machines.
- permitter and prohibiter relay, squeezing hydraulics;
- LED table, flasher LEDs show the position of work pieces on the table to help the allocation.
  Medical electro-, magneto- and laser therapy devices  
  The therapy device has magneto therapy, laser therapy and low-voltage electro therapy function. The low-voltage therapy can be a low-frequency and a high-frequency therapy. The device produce the high-frequency therapy with a special HW sign-generator. The modules are optional, the device detects automatic, with help of jumpers the actual hardware environment.
2x16 display and five-button-keyboard make for the operation. The wanted therapy program can be programmed by PC on USB level. The device memorized the programs in a non-volatile memory (NVRAM). The therapy programs can be chose with menu control. The device offers the optional menu points just in consideration of the actual HW configuration
  SiClaro micro program to water clarifier  
  The SiClaro is a controller device with 2x8 character LCD, 3 button, 5 output, 3 input. SiClaro is able to execute the in firmware programmed functions by its in- and outputs. It perceives the water-level from the input-side with the S1, S2 and S3 swimming-switch, and execute the function according to the water-level. The filter-pump pumps out the clear, broken-down and purified water from the device. The compressor made air bells wash down the filter. SiClaro allocates with portioned-pump a given quantity addition into the cistern, unloads the deposed materials with the “mudback-pump” and controls the failure-relay in a case of failure.  
  For special device, controller and interface developments,
please contact us.
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